KranzKrone / Future of Energy from VICE on HBO!

When i just watched this kind of short Movie from VICE about the Future of Energy, it came really clearly to my Mind that i had to blogging about it. Besides of that Thought, the more important One was, that i had to do it within the English Language.

Because it is a Global Problem that might become much more worst the longer we wait because We as Humans don’t get our Shit together and work on this Problem as a whole Species! If we don’t to it together then we ALL gonna lose together, not Some will lose less and Other will lose more. Climatic Change will FUCK UP us all around the World in one Way or Another, so better YOU start watching this and Stuff like that as a quick Start to learning about the Topic.

If you done watching this Clip then start sharing it around your Social-Life. Because the more People know about THIS upcoming Nightmare of Change in Energy and it’s Consumption, the better our Chances as a Society are to pull this of. 😉

Year, i know my English can’t be tough some Times. That’s because, English isn’t my native Language. So have some Patience with me, it will get better with Time. At least i think so… 😆